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4 Minutes to a Six-Pack


You’ve heard me talk in the past about the effectiveness of 4-minute, high intensity workouts.

There has been research conducted on the effectiveness of a type of interval training called Tabata intervals, where you work hard for 20 seconds, rest of 10 seconds for 8 rounds (which equals 4 minutes).

I used a lot of this type of training when I got my six-pack abs.

Usually I would string together 3 to 4 of these four minute workouts together for an intense 12-16 minute training session.

Another effective way to do this would be to do four bouts of four minute training at various times of the day.

That would produce a nice metabolic spike each time you did it.

Below is a sample of a 4-minute training protocol involving push ups and squats which you can find in the 4-Minute Workout DVDs.

It doesn’t seem hard… until you try it. : )

I would love to get your feedback on what you think.

Have a great day.



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One Response to “ “4 Minutes to a Six-Pack”

  1. Great workout video, Scott! We need to keep telling people over and over and over that slow, long, boring cardio workouts are NOT the answer.

    Crank out those 4 minute workouts and watch the pounds melt off!

    Jim Labadie

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