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Ask Holly Rigsby Your Questions

All right – to all of the Moms out there who want to transform their bodies, burn your baby fat and get an even BETTER body, now’s your chance!  I’m interviewing Moms Fitness and Fat Loss Expert Holly Rigsby, and here’s your chance to ask her YOUR questions about how to get back your amazing pre-baby body.

Just leave your questions in the Comments section below and I’ll ask Holly your questions during our interview.  Oh and don’t forget to download your FREE copy of the Bikini Body Secrets report.




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4 Responses to “ “Ask Holly Rigsby Your Questions”

  1. Gina Bellous says:

    I gave birth to 2 9 1/2 pound babies and amazingly afterwards, once I lost the weight I didn't even have stretch marks, and my stomach went back to being flat….but that was almost 17 years ago. (the kids are now 20 & 17) I have noticed that as I am getting older when I lose weight in my abs that the skin there is a little wrinkly and hangy like an elephant (ugh!), so what can I do to tighten the skin there and for that matter everywhere? With Scott's help I plan to shed the layer of fat that has now crept over my once flat abs and KEEP it off!

  2. DORIS says:

    what foods should u avoid????????

  3. Pirkko says:

    Does your program work also for older women whose fat isn't baby fat?

  4. Marla says:

    What about the inner and outer thighs? Mostly saddle bags that nothing seems to get rid of. Even when I did the elimination diet for 30+ days while I was "skinny" it didn't really affect my saddle bags.

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