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Bodyweight 500 Workout for Six-Pack Abs

The Bodyweight 500 is a great workout that I first learned from Craig Ballantyne, creator of the Turbulence Training System. You’re basically going to take 10 bodyweight exercises and do 50 reps of each one as fast as you can. This will total 500 reps. Get your stopwatch out and time yourself because it will be fun to see if you can beat your score the next time out.

There are some great things about this workout. You can do it anywhere – so you don’t need to belong to a gym. As you can see from my video, I did it outside. It works your entire upper and lower body and heart rate. You are also working your abs really hard. And this is a quick workout – it doesn’t take forever to do.

Craig Ballantyne has come out with the original Bodyweight 500 as part of his Turbulence Training program. I put a variation of it in the video which I hope you will watch.

Here are the exercises I did (50 reps of each as fast as you can).

Push Ups
Tuck Jumps
Spiderman Climb (25 each leg)
Modified Pull Ups (or Body Rows)
Step Jumps (or 25 one legged step ups each leg)
T-Stabilization (25 each side)
Walking Lunges (25 each leg)
Close Grip Push Ups
Squat Jumps

Now if you are new to exercise, you might want to modify this to the Bodyweight 250 and do 25 reps of each exercise. Also, 50 modified pull ups are pretty challenging, so you might want to split them up and do 25 in the middle of the circuit as shown and then finish the circuit with 25 more.

One last thing, the final day to enter Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training Transformation contest is Monday, January 21, 2008. The contest is open only to those who have purchased Turbulence Training, and post their before/after photos on the Turbulence Training Member’s site.

Don’t worry, when you buy Turbulence Training and enter the contest, you get a free 3 month membership so you can record your transformation.

There are 3 big prizes for the winners.

Grand Prize – $2000 & a 3-year Platinum TT Membership

Second Place – $1000 & a 2-year Platinum TT Membership

Third Place – $500 & a 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

So go ahead and take a peek at Turbulence Training and enter yourself in the contest.

And try the Bodyweight 500 workout below. Feel free to post your comments on how you did in the workout.

By the way, the pull-up straps in the video are a piece of equipment called The Jungle Gym and they can be purchased online from Lifeline USA.


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4 Responses to “ “Bodyweight 500 Workout for Six-Pack Abs”

  1. Thanks for the video demonstration Scott. I’ve been hearing a lot about the 500 workout and your video has inspired me to give it a shot this week.

    On a side note… If only the children of today would use the playground as much as you do, the world would be a much healthier place ;)

    Keep up the great work!

    Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC

  2. Catherine says:

    This workout is killer! Wow! I did not finish it because it took longer than half an hour. It will take time to increase speed and reps. It sure works the heart and abs as well.
    Thanks for the video!

  3. Laura says:

    This looks wonderful!!!! im so excided to try it. You know its so nice that you made this a video with access, people (like me ) have paid lots of money to get something like this on video. i really appreciate this and im sure im not the only one! i know this will work and i will send a before and after picture!!! promise!!!! blessings to all.

  4. Somchai says:

    I have enjoyed and benifitted from all the information you’ve sent to date, however I am recovering from a heriated disc that has left a good portion of my right leg numb and with loss of motor skills. I continue daily therapy on my own which mostly consists of stretches. I find it difficult(painful) to do most of the exercises. My resistance,and cardio workouts have ceased. I have become depressed at times and unfulfilled with my workouts. Can you offer any advice or suggestions that could help.

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