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Daily Shot of Motivation – Day 5

In the full length Unstoppable Fat Loss interview with John Bartlett, he shares the story of how he went from obese to gracing the covers of fitness magazines and has become a WNBF Natural Bodybuilder and transformation expert. This transformation has taken place while John is in his early 40’s.

In this short audio clip of the Unstoppable Fat Loss interview with John Bartlett you will learn some of the events that occured in John’s life that brought him to that rock bottom breaking point and what he began to do to turn is body and life around.

Enjoy the audio clip, and get motivated!

Want to skyrocket your motivation for the next 21 days?

Check out the Unstoppable Fat Loss 21 Day Transformation Contest.

John Bartlett


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2 Responses to “ “Daily Shot of Motivation – Day 5”

  1. Marilize says:

    Hi Scott!
    Thanks for all the motivational info you are providing us with. I am fortunate to be one of the people who really enjoy exercising and nearly (!) always maintain a high level of motivation. However the past week I experienced a very bad low. I think this was mainly due to slow recovery after being ill, as well as additional pressure in preparing for my karate grading this week.
    As I was ‘sinking’ really low, I started to ask myself the questions you prompted during your recent ‘motivational’ Q&A call. I managed to re-focus on the two most important reasons I am putting so much effort into my exercise routines. The first one being simply because I love and enjoy it!!!
    I have still not recovered 100%, but my motivation is 200%!! Please keep the motivational stuff coming!

  2. helen says:

    Hello Scott;

    Thanks for all your effort in trying to keep us all motivated!! It is working!!Helen

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