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Daily Shot of Motivation – Day 6


I interviewed my good friend, Scott Tousignant, creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss, as we took some of YOUR questions on "how to stay motivated" and answered them.

Here is what Scott and I covered coming directly from you, the readers out there…

"I tried so many diet and exercise programs but only successful stay motivated for few weeks. After that, I’m back to my old habits and start eating unhealthy and impulsive again. How do I keep on my program without falling off the wagon? Please help."

"What do you feel is the best goal setting method to achieve my desired physique and do you feel goals are a necessary component to staying motivated. Thanks again"
"How do I stay motivated after I reach my goal – it’s as though whenever I reach the goal, I give myself permission to slide a little because it won’t have much of an effect. Until I yo-yo back where I was!"

"How do you get yourself to work out hard if you are working out alone? I have problems doing intervals since I can’t seem to make myself bump the intensity."

"I am 55 have been going to gym about 6 years but for past 3 years maybe 2 days a week for one thing I cant see any results anymore AND it is so hard to get up at 4:00 and be at gym by 6:00 I have the desire and I know at my age I REALLY need to go"

"How can i get back to being motivated after being stressed out"

Enjoy the audio clip, and get motivated!

Want to skyrocket your motivation for the next 21 days?

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