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How Does Wheat Affect Weight Loss?

OK, there's been a lot of discussion lately on how wheat affects weight lossIf you cut out wheat from your diet, will it help you lose weight?  What I want to focus on are 2 more specific questions – Is gluten bad for everybody or just people who are gluten-intolerant?  And how does wheat affect weight loss in people that are not gluten-intolerant?

I want to bring in my favorite diet expert, Isabel De Los Rios, to answer these questions.

Here's what Isabel had to say.  These are great questions because I think the wheat/gluten issue confuses a lot of people. There are certain people that are actually allergic to wheat and gluten. Okay, so there are those people and they have to stay away from it because the response could be deadly. Then there are those people who are intolerant to wheat and gluten, so they actually suffer a lot of GI distress – stomach aches, gas pains, they’re constipated. There’s that category of people. Then there are those people that are affected by wheat because they are insulin-resistant. That’s a little bit different than being allergic to wheat intolerant. There are those people who eat a piece of bread and they may not have a stomach ache or they may not become constipated but they blow up like a balloon and they gain weight so quickly because their body is not able to handle those carbohydrates. 
Now, why are some people really insulin-resistant and other people are not? There are so many factors that go into that. If you have a long history of Type II diabetes in your family, a long history of obesity, if you were overweight as a child, if you’re currently overweight, any of those things can disrupt your insulin levels.
So gluten can definitely be bad for the gastrointestinal reasons but also when your body responds to carbohydrates by not being able to control your insulin levels, you’re going to gain fat. So insulin is a fat-storing hormone and when there’s too much sugar in your bloodstream, insulin will come to the rescue, otherwise we’d all be walking diabetics. But unfortunately what insulin does is it takes that extra sugar and it puts it into your fat cells.
So again I’ll use myself as an example, even though I could probably pick out at least 50-100 clients, I just do not do well eating wheat and gluten products. I have tried before to incorporate them into a healthy eating plan, but I am not as lean when I have too much bread, even whole wheat pasta, even oatmeal, because oatmeal does have gluten in it. I’m just not as lean. Besides that I actually just don’t feel as well. There are some people who may not suffer stomach issues because of wheat and gluten, but they feel very, very fatigued. That could also be because of the wheat and gluten.  You should take this advice and combine it with the 7 Ab Flattening Foods so you can really start to lean out. 

Hope you enjoyed this article and thanks to Isabel for the information.  Please do me a favor and Click On The Like Button.

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2 Responses to “ “How Does Wheat Affect Weight Loss?”

  1. Rachel says:

    Just a quick comment regarding oatmeal – oatmeal in and of itself does not contain gluten but it can be cross contaminated with wheat and other gluten-containing grains in the growing and milling process. You can find certified gluten-free oatmeal available in most health food stores.

  2. dan says:

    We work hard to be lean so I agree. Great information!

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